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A new app named Multifl0w will make the iPhone the best device for all those who love multitasking.

It will extend the functionality of the Backgrounder app and will provide an interface for Jailbroken users to switch between active apps running in the background.

As we all know, the iPhone lacks multitasking which makes it a big no-no for users who like to perform multiple tasks in a streamline. That's where Multifl0w jumps in to save the day. Below is a demo of the app.

The Multifl0w app will serve as a UI-sidekick for the Backgrounder app to let user see which apps are actively running in the background and will allow them to switch to any app in much like the same manner as seen on the Palm Pre.

The iPhone must be Jailbroken in order to use this app. It has been developed by @aaronash and will be available for purchase on Cydia Store shortly.

The app would be compatible with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G.


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